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Aloha Harvest is a non-profit organization that rescues quality, donated food and delivers it free of charge to social service agencies feeding the hungry in Hawai‘i.

Aloha Harvest’s innovative model is based on a successful food rescue organization that was started in New York City in 1982 called City Harvest.  Impressed by the work of City Harvest, the Hau‘oli Mau Loa Foundation conducted a study to assess the feasibility of bringing the City Harvest model to the islands.  The study took into consideration the unique challenges regarding food insecurity and waste in Hawai‘i and engaged in discussions with potential food donors, recipients, and local community leaders.  The study ultimately revealed a strong need for a link between food donors and nonprofit agencies to utilize our limited local resources to help reduce food insecurity in Hawai‘i. 

Aloha Harvest is now in its 19th year of service to our community. Since its inception, Aloha Harvest has collected and distributed over 21 million pounds of food which now includes quality perishable and non-perishable foods, as well as beverages. The food has been donated by over 1,000 participating donors, such as restaurants, caterers, government facilities, hotels, food distributors, businesses and others. This food would otherwise be discarded and gone to waste.

Aloha Harvest is environmentally and economically minded and our program prevents waste, recycles and meets the needs of literally thousands who are facing hunger daily. The food that is picked up each day is delivered that same day! (Aloha Harvest does not store any food.) Strict standards for food safety are applied throughout the entire process. Aloha Harvest has never had any complaints about the safety of the food delivered. It also receives donations from special projects such as Food Drives organized by schools, businesses, organizations, and churches. Further, Aloha Harvest offers pick-up and delivery service year-round, 7 days a week, completely free of charge.

No other organization on O‘ahu provides such a service.