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Aloha Harvest
3599 Waialae Ave, #23
Honolulu, HAWAI`i 96816

(808) 537-6945Telephone:
(808) 537-6970 Fax: E-mail:

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Please call or e-mail us with any questions, comments or inquiries.

Feel free to leave us a message about our service, a pick-up or to sign-up to receive food from donors.


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Kuulei Williams
Executive Director

Mele Pepa
Administrative Assistant & Agency Coordinator

Drivers/Food Managers:

Hiram Johnson

Kiki Johnson

George Stevens

Greg Nacapoy

Jayson Canoneo


Board of Directors

Lisa Tomihama

Robert Harrison

Thomas A. Grimes

Chris Colgate

Bonny Amemiya

Emi Kaimuloa

Kevin Oda

Janice Fukuda

Jennifer J. Shiraki

Steven Schutte