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Agency Partner

Over the past couple years, these social service agencies have seen their numbers double and some even tripled! With more people needing food assistance, the food donations we receive is going out faster than the agencies can keep up with, which means donations from Aloha Harvest are in greater demand.

Current Agency Partners
Aloha Harvest currently delivers food to over 170 agencies that help feed the hungry, needy and homeless. Aloha Harvest serves over 60,000 individuals:
  • 65% challenged with mental illness, substance abuse or physical and/or mental disabilities;
  • 62% Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders;
  • 24% children, 19% seniors;
  • 44% homeless; and
  • 25% unemployed

Current Partners

Become an Agency Partner
Aloha Harvest’s application process is open to any non-profit 501(c)(3) agency that services the hungry and homeless on O`ahu. See our Agency Receiving Criteria for more information.A site visit to the agency will be scheduled following the receipt of all applications meeting the receiving criteria. For further questions please call (808) 537-6945. Please complete our Agency Application and Agency Release Statement and submit it with a copy of your 501(c)(3) letter. You can be send it by mail, fax or email

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Honolulu Community Action Program, Inc 
We receive food donations from Aloha Harvest, and this helps us in our work to feed the hungry. Annually, HCAP provides food to approximately 1,080 low-income individuals or families in need of support. The food that is provided by Aloha Harvest, free of charge, enables us to provide a service we normally wouldn't be able to do.
Saint Elizabeths Episcopal Church
We provide food to approximately 60 low income individuals weekly in need of support, and the food provided by Aloha Harvest, free of charge, is enables us to stretch our budget so that we can do more with less.
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Over the years, Aloha Harvest has provided food support for our after-school programs, community-based families and our scholarship program for our Little Brothers and Sisters. We appreciate the partnership with Aloha Harvest, and urge your support of their important work.