Financial Partners

Currently, Hau`oli Mau Loa continues to be a major financial supporter and Aloha Harvest has been working hard to cultivate financial support from the community to expand our financial base. Other sources of income have come from other foundations such as the Harold K.L. Castle Foundation, Atherton Family Foundation and more. In addition, Aloha Harvest also receives support from the Aloha United Way Donor Option Program, the Combined Federal Campaign (#8377), the Give Aloha Program (#78185) and fundraising projects such as our Stay At Home Event, Fill the Truck Food Drive and Agency Fair & Food Drive to develop and grow individual donors. We invite you to become a financial donor partner. Your support will help us continue our work of feeding Hawai`i’s hungry.

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"I just wanted to drop you a note to appreciate the wonderful work you do to help feed Oahu's hungry and needy. It has been such a pleasure partnering with you, not just because you are friendly, prompt, and easy to work with, because also because it directly supports one of our company's core values: Caring About Our Communities And Our Environment.  Donating our leftover edibles to those who need it not only helps less fortunate people in our community, but also keeps food out of the landfill - it's a win-win arrangement. And what a difference it makes: since the beginning of our partnership last fall, you have helped us redirect over 8,000 pounds of food through your services.

We are also delighted to have partnered with you on our holiday Grab n' Give program, wherein customers were invited to purchase a holiday meal for a local family in need. Thanks to our enthusiastic team members and our generous customers, we were able to donate nearly $40,000 in grocery items to Aloha Harvest.

On a personal note, I often conduct tours of the store for schools and community groups, and one of the most frequently asked questions I get is, "What happens to all this food at the end of the night?" I am always proud to reply with a description of our partnership with Aloha Harvest. Mahalo for everything that you do!"

Dabney Gough 
Marketing Supervisor 
Whole Foods Market Kailua

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Food Donors

Aloha Harvest fills a vital niche in O‘ahu's community. Thousands of would-be hungry individuals depend on Aloha Harvest's deliveries of donated food every day. This innovative concept of transferring food from the "haves" to the have-nots" is a cost-effective approach to alleviating hunger among one-in-four islanders.

Not only does Aloha Harvest provide much needed food to feed the hungry, but Aloha Harvest helps to keep good quality food from going to waste and diverts it from the waste stream.

Do you run a restaurant, catering service, hotel or food distribution warehouse? Are you planning a catered event, Luau or organizing a food drive? Help us feed Hawai`i’s hungry with your excess food by calling our office. We’ll pick up your food donations that would otherwise go to waste, and deliver it directly to one of our social service agencies. Contact Us



Food Donor Highlights

   Whole Foods Market Kailua
" have helped us redirect over 8,000 pounds of food through your services."       

Marians Catering
"...we have been able to cut down our disposal costs."
The Cheesecake Factory
"You provide containers to use, which is a big help, and allows us to keep our container expenses down."


Aloha Harvest

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