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“We know food is primarily the biggest need out there and so we’ve funded some large food distributions” including efforts led by the Hawaii Foodbank, Aloha Harvest and Salvation Army, Witty-Oakland said. About $8 million is being expended toward that initiative, she said."


"Meals not utilized by employees are being donated to Aloha Harvest; in the first week of the program, this totaled nearly 670 pounds of food."


Hawaii Food Bank/CIndy Ellen Russel

[...]Since the start of the coronavirus emergency, that number [30,000 pounds of rescued food a week] tripled in two weeks, fueled by numerous business closings and event cancellations[...].


Chef Hui and Phil Acosta

“With the help of Chef Hui, Aloha Harvest has secured a commercial kitchen and refrigeration space, increased funding for local ingredients, and grown its volunteer force exponentially to expand its reach.”


HNL Magazine Aloha Harvest

“You couldn’t keep these volunteers off the streets. Chef Hui and the Aloha Harvest teams rescued excess food from restaurants to deliver to nonprofits that feed people in need.”


Milk for Kupuna - Hawaii News Now

“Aloha Harvest is helping keep the supply up as they make a delivery of food to Hawaii Help is on the Way every Friday.” 

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Aulani Aloha Harvest Donations

"The families and individuals who benefit from Aloha Harvest’s food rescue efforts are sure to appreciate this gesture from the Walt Disney Company. Over the last week, Aulani’s kitchens have donated over 7,000 pounds of perishable food items."


Aloha Harvest Donation Video Still Darin Akita

"Since last Friday, the non-profit has collected more than 40,000 pounds of donated food from events that were canceled and from restaurants that are now closed entirely or serving only takeout."


Phil Acosta - Pacific Business News

“Phil Acosta, the new executive director of food rescue nonprofit Aloha Harvest, seeks to expand the organization’s impact.”


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Our 20th Anniversary Celebration will be rescheduled for a later date


May 16, 2020 

Walk for Aloha Harvest in the Hawai’i Lodging & Tourism Association’s 42nd Annual Charity Walk! 7am at Ala Moana Beach Park. To walk for Aloha Harvest, please click “Pledge to this Team” and fill out the registration form. Our fundraising goal is $2,500 this year – let’s prove we aimed too low! Click here to learn more about the walk. 

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