Community Harvest is a gleaning program designed to rescue excess produce growing on Oʻahu. We utilize our volunteers to harvest crops growing in yards, gardens, and farms. The harvest is donated to our partner agencies who help feed the community’s underserved. This program aims to increase the amount of fresh produce donated to recipient agencies and the community.

How a Harvest Works

STEP 1: Fill out our online form to request a harvest. Pre-requests are available if you have produce that will fruit at a later date.


STEP 2: Someone from our team will be in contact to set up a harvest.


STEP 3: We will coordinate a small group of supervised volunteers. We provide all the tools and supplies needed. 


STEP 4: Once the produce it harvested, we drop it off to a nearby recipient agency.

STEP 5: Refer us to friends, family, and neighbors who have fruit trees.


(Optional) STEP 6: Receive a tax-deductible receipt for your donation of produce.



“I have been more than pleased to be working with Aloha Harvest. We have a large garden and produce far more fruit than my family can use. It has been a real blessing to have the team from Aloha Harvest come harvest our excess. It is a bonus knowing that they do the leg work to predetermine where to take the produce. Often it is to a sit in our community which means the food gets used while fresh and that my neighbors cans benefits. 


I’ve especially appreciated the enthusiasm of the volunteers. Some have experience harvesting, others don’t but they are willing to learn new techniques and have been very respectful of our garden space”. 


– Stacy, a Community Harvest Produce Donor in Kāneʻohe

Donation Benefits

– Receive a tax-deductible receipt for your donation of produce.

– Help provide fresh produce to agencies that work to feed O`ahu’s underserved.

– Be free of the mess created by fruit lying on the ground, which can be an attractant for pests.