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The Basics

We redistribute food to nonprofits and social service agencies; we do not provide direct services or deliver food to individuals. Any agency that services the hungry on Oʻahu can apply to become a recipient agency of rescued food by following the steps listed below!

Frequency, volume, and content of food drop-offs is based on what we rescue each day. In general, we rescue and redistribute a mix of fresh produce, dairy, breads, frozen & dry food items, and water/soft drinks. Due to the day-to-day fluctuation, our recipient agencies should plan to supplement their food supply with donations from other sources and purchased items as needed.


In 2023, Aloha Harvest redistributed over 3 million lbs. of food from 397 food donors and delivered it to 140 recipient agencies that help feed our community’s most vulnerable. These recipient agencies include homeless shelters, social services, food pantries, veterans services, and more. 

First-time Recipient Agencies:
Application Steps

Returning Recipient Agencies:
Request a Dropoff

If you are already in our system, you can fill out our short “Contact Us” form any time you’d like to request a dropoff of food for a specific time/date/event. We do our best to respond within 24 hours and accommodate requests as able.

Active Recipient Agencies

Resources for Individuals

***If you are an individual seeking food assistance, you can check out the list of resources we’ve compiled here: