Aloha Harvest accepts perishable and non-perishable food. Prepared foods must be catered or prepared in a certified kitchen. We also accept fresh produce, including homegrown fruits and vegetables. See Food Donation Guidelines for more info.

Per the Hawaiʻi Department of Health, it is not a violation DOH rules if food establishments donate or distribute wholesome food products beyond the expiration date. Many commercial food products are labeled with dates preceded by terms like “best if used by,” “sell by,” “use by,” “expires by,” etc. Confusion over the meaning of these dates can result in the needless waste of wholesome food. Examples of commonly used phrases:

“Best if Used By/Before” – indicates when a product will be of best flavor and quality. This is not a purchase or safety date.

“Sell By” – tells the store how long to display the product for sale for inventory management. This is not a safety date.

“Use By” – indicates the last date recommended for the use of the product while at peak quality. This is not a safety date except when used on infant formula.

If a food product has been handled properly, it should still be safe and wholesome after its product date label has passed, unless spoilage characteristics are evident. These characteristics include off odor, off flavor, or off texture. Food with these characteristics should be discarded.

Call our office 808-537-6945, fill out the online form or email [email protected] to arrange a free pickup. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt for your donation. See more on our Donate Excess Food page.

There is no cost to the food donor or the agency receiving the food. We can provide this service to the community thanks to our funders.

We do not have a warehouse and do not store any foods long-term. However, we can occasionally accept small, nonperishable food donations at the office, which we’ll send out with our trucks. Regular office hours are Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm. Please call in advance: 808-537-6945.

We partner with over 170 social service agencies on Oʻahu to help feed thousands of people each month. We offer these services free of charge.

Donors and recipient agencies are protected under the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act of 1996, and the Hawaiʻi Good Samaritan Donation of Food Act. See more on our Donate Excess Food page.