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Food Donor Intake Form

Request a One-Time Pick Up or Recurring Appointment
Our drivers pick up excess food from food donors 7 days a week, 5:30am to 2pm. We establish regular schedules with most food donors and/or do one-time pick ups as needed. If you need a pick up outside of this timeframe, we can discuss and are often able to accommodate. We accept almost all forms of quality excess food: fresh, frozen, prepared, raw, dry, etc. 

Example of a one-time pick up: A special event, such as a catered wedding or graduation, that may have lots of leftover meals that were prepared in a certified kitchen.

Example of a recurring pick up: A grocery store that donates all extra produce and bread every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8am.
Please Contact Us
Thank you for your interest in becoming a regular donor to Aloha Harvest!

Please email us at [email protected] to start a discussion on how we can partner together to help feed our community.

Existing Food Donor Request

Who are you?

Business Account Information

Request Description

Do you want to change an existing appointment or schedule a new one? Is there a change to the pickup location?

Food Donor Information

Who are you?

Business Point of Contact Information
Please provide the name and contact information for the person who will be the primary Business Point of Contact. The Business Point of Contact is the individual we should contact to update any account information. They are in charge of receiving the donation receipts and coordinating the food donations. Note that we will ask you in a different section to specify a point of contact who will meet our drivers for each pick up appointment.

One-Time Food Donor: Business Information
Please provide the account information for the business making the donation. Note the business address might be different than the address where you want us to pick up the food, only list the business address here.  

Business Address

Mailing Address

Additional Business Information

This is the general office number for the business. If no general business number exits, please use the number for the primary business contact.

This is the general email for the business. If no general business email exists, please use the email for the primary business contact.

Donation Receipt Information

We will provide a monthly summary receipt. If you want it more frequently, please specify every occurrence here.

Receipt Email Information

Receipt Address Information
Address for Receipt

Pick Up Appointment Scheduling Information

Pick Up Point of Contact
The Pick Up Point of Contact is the individual who will meet our drivers at your pick up location to transfer the food.  Our drivers will try to call this contact prior to arriving to verify appointment details.  If the individual meeting our drivers is different every appointment, please use the information for a single person that can verify who is assigned to meet our drivers.
Pick Up Point of Contact Information

This is the phone number our drivers will call prior to arriving at the appointment.

Pick Up Location Information
Pick Up Address

Please provide any special Covid practices or procedures you would like our drivers to follow when picking up your food donation.

Please provide any additional instructions that our drivers should note when picking up from your location. This includes where to park, gate codes, which door to use, where to find the food, etc.
Donation Details

Scheduling Information

What is the date you want our driver to pick up your food donation?

What is the earliest time our driver can pick up your food donation?

What is the latest time our driver can pick up your food donation?
Donation Receipt Information

Recurring Food Donation Information

What kind of food do you plan on donating? Do you have 10 boxes of frozen chicken? 50 pieces of fresh musubi? 500 fresh pineapples? Please let us know what you plan on donating on a regular basis. If your donation is unknown or the mix of items will change, please provide us with your best guess on what a typical donation will look like.

It's ok if you don't know the exact weight! Please provide your best guess of the total weight of your donation in pounds. We are trying to gauge how much truck space we will need.

If you are providing food on pallets, or have a large amount of food to donate, what is the total number of pallets that you estimate we will have for pick up? A typical pallet on our trucks is 4ft wide x 3ft long x 4ft high.

Scheduling Information
For those that wish to make donations on a regular basis, Aloha Harvest has a standard weekly rotation of trucks and drivers to facilitate a food donation pick up appointment.  Our regular donors are asked to provide how many days a week they want us to schedule a pick up appointment and the time window they are available to meet our drivers.  The donors are then assigned to a Route which will pick up the same day and time every week. 

If you want to donate on a regular basis, but not every week, an Aloha Harvest staff will contact you to schedule the appointment as these appointments will not fall into our standard weekly rotation.

Weekly Schedule
Select Days Pick Up Start Time  Pick Up End Time
Next Steps with Scheduling
An Aloha Harvest staff member will contact you to schedule your appointment.